A little review (v0.222)
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Author:  Haraldzz [ Fri Apr 29, 2011 6:54 pm ]
Post subject:  A little review (v0.222)

First off, great work, Coroner! Really love this project!
Now, off to details.

More sense-making limbo menu?
Yes, even now I'm quite used to it, it still makes me confused! The layout is just somehow very hardly manuevarable. What I would like to see, is something like the old True Combat for Quake 3 (version 1.2 or something like that). The old one was great - it was easy to understand, each gun had it's own customizable options instead of a drop down menu with 2 guns which actually are almost the same. Here is a little sketch I drew. Also, yes, I figured out the equipment slot thingy that Coroner implented.
(Yes, I did it on MS Paint, so what? It's just an example how I would like to see it :P)

Wounds, blood, whatever
Once again, yes, you know what I'm gonna say... BLOOD ALL OVER THE SCREEN! So real... Altough there already is a discussion about the blood splatter, I would like to still say, it is just bad... Ok, I lied, it's horrible! Blur or any other way to just make the damage feel more realistic. Yes, I know, ET engine doesn't support it, but there has to be something! Also, even more CoD gibberish with the health regeneration? Yes, there is no real alternative (unless there are random med-packs on the map), but this is just so damn wrong! I had an idea of having a medical truck in about 3 places on a map, when you get near the medical truck, you can press "Use" and then you will need 5 seconds to patch yourself up. A little problem might be with camping, denying the other team to get any healing, however, this might make some interesting ambushes in the same time. Another little thing I would like to see from the old TC for Quake 3 is the wound system - bleeding, crippled legs and other stuff.

Overall graphics and visuals
I'm really surprised that it's really ET engine! The overbright effect looks nice, the ACOG and overall scopes look very realistic (and no more dumbass zooming when using the iron-sight), the model quality is really high and top-notch in every possible aspect, basically, it feels like a modern game! If anything, then maybe the maps need more interaction, but this is just an alpha, so I'll deal with it.

Final word
Great project! I see alot of potential, version 0.223 sounds promising, can't wait to try it out. For now it's missing the replay value - all servers seem to be dead now and has nothing that really keeps me rollin' except the badass shooting around. I'm pretty sure I forgot what I wanted to say tho.

EDIT: Damn, wanted to press Preview button, but pressed Submit, updating the post.
EDIT2: Nevermind that ^

Author:  WingZero [ Sat Apr 30, 2011 5:06 pm ]
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class menus ftw. :>

Author:  Damien [ Sat Apr 30, 2011 6:01 pm ]
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Since the menu items are considered loadouts, how about an actual loadout menu? Something like MW but with more custom classes and ability to edit them in-game.

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