Mapping: Spawns / Spawnpoints
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Author:  cqbdrug [ Sat Apr 30, 2011 7:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Mapping: Spawns / Spawnpoints


if you wanna make spawns for CQB, (atm:Alpha223), i think you, if i am right, need to use now "Info_player_deathmath" for spawning as Specops or Terrorists side...

on the first of all "Info_player_deathmath" , normaly its shows the first screen if you enter the map, need also attributes called "nohuman" and "nobot" for using that spawn an NOT spawning of an bot or human player.

then i testing around making some additionals info_player_deathmatch point on the map

from now on i spawn every time from a different spawn :P
nice or ?


Author:  coroner [ Sun May 01, 2011 6:01 am ]
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For CQB you need the same spawn layout as in TCE (the team spawn, dunno the name right now, and the yellow wolf thingie, please look at the old TCE example map). You only need one group of spawns (8 per side should be good), you don't need the other goups and the spawngroup entity key of TCE. In addition, put info_player_deathmatch all over the map, preferable in corners at the periphery.
Like in TCE you should have a targeted player intermission, were the loading screen is taken from.
This way you will spawn at the team zones initially and you respawn farthest of all enemies later.

Author:  merlin1991 [ Sun May 01, 2011 3:58 pm ]
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coroner wrote:
the team spawn, dunno the name right now

team_CTF_redspawn and team_CTF_bluespawn

coroner wrote:
and the yellow wolf thingie


coroner wrote:
please look at the old TCE example map

can be found here: ...

Author:  Damien [ Sun May 01, 2011 9:55 pm ]
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A nice clean method but I noticed there are 2 spawns that are active most of the time (both initial ones) and if they're both occupied by one team, the opposing players will most likely spawn by those roadblocks.

This makes them easy targets since they can be shot down from the container spawn and they have to run across an open area to get to safety.

Still, this isn't that of a big deal if both teams are capable of attacking and I'm guessing further map expansions will take care of it permanently.

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