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WebsiteNew True Combat Site
Although there are no versions of True Combat currently in development, I figured it was about time to make a whole TC site. ...
Full Story|        09 Jul 12 @ 17:32        |110316 views
WebsiteOfficial TCE Third Party Map Depot
After months of preparation and grunt work (thanks merlin), we are pleased to present the Third Party Mapping Depot right here on the TCE site! ...
Full Story|        05 Feb 10 @ 21:05        |9505 views
WebsiteTrueCombat:Elite on
A little (or not so) for the Mac players (the ever shy bunch that are always waiting in the background to get the chance to unleash their gaming talent on the rest of the PC dominated world) out there: ...
Full Story|        18 Jul 07 @ 17:04        |8795 views
WebsiteAny Progress?
Yes. Even we posted no official news over the last weeks, we did a lot for the upcoming 0.491 version. ...
Full Story|        14 Apr 07 @ 04:31        |22414 views
As most of you have probably noticed things have slowed down recently and I'd like to let you know that we are still alive here at That real life things seems to be getting in the way! ...
Full Story|        11 Feb 07 @ 06:15        |25798 views
WebsiteTC:E 0.49b_fixed released
Further to the previous news post, the new fixed version of TC:E 0.49b has been released. This release does not add anything extra to the game but rather fixes an issue within delta. ...
Full Story|        02 Jan 07 @ 11:56        |9135 views
WebsiteTC:E 049b has been pulled
Apologies but he recently released 0.49b version of TC:E has been pulled. ...
Full Story|        25 Dec 06 @ 17:31        |9472 views
Website0.49b File Mirrors
As you all know version 0.49b is the next evolution of TC:E. We are currently looking for file mirrors to host the new 0.49b patch. ...
Full Story|        23 Dec 06 @ 19:29        |40217 views

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