You asked for it.

Now it is here. The most realistic mod ever. TrueCombat.

TrueCombat (Q3TC or TC for short) was first introduced in September 2000 and its last build (.45b12) was released in December 2001. The game was actively played until late 2003 - but still has the occassional gamer once in a while.

Q3 TrueCombat 0.45TC is a tactical-realism modification based on the ID Software title "Quake III Arena". You will not need to have Team Arena installed to play TrueCombat, just the original ID Software release "Quake III Arena".

TrueCombat is developed by "TeamTerminator" (TT for short). The weapon, damage and movement systems have all been changed in TrueCombat from vanilla (standard) Q3 style. We have created realistic Maps, Models, Sounds, Textures, Effects and modified various other asspects of Q3A in order to try and stay as close to the reality as possible.

  • two teams, different weapons, but all about team | realism | tactics | bullet penetration
  • (kill the enemy through walls, doors, tin, wood)
  • realistic modeling of weapon and bullet behaviour including mass dependent penetration, rics and sparks
  • most realistics sounds ever heard in mod, including environment depending sound attenuation
  • 20 real world weapons including Ak47, G36, MP5k, Mac10, Saiga12k and many more, including night vision scopes
  • voice commands for communication
  • superb maps (see for yourself!)
  • realistic lens flares, glares and flash blend effects

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