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Below are downloads for the popular releases of the FREE mod, TrueCombat.
(*MWTC requires CoD4, which is not free)

Wolfenstein Enemy Territory Full
(258mb 29-May-2003) includes 2.60b security patch
TrueCombat:Elite 0.49 Full
(453mb 29-Sept-2006)
TrueCombat:Elite 0.49b Patch
(6.48mb 01-Jan-2007)

Wolfenstein Enemy Territory Full
(258mb 29-May-2003) includes 2.60b security patch
CQB Alpha 0.22 Full
(309mb 31-Mar-2011)
CQB Alpha 0.223 Patch
(10.1mb 30-Apr-2011)

TrueCombat 0.45b12 Full
( 89mb 28-Dec-2001)

TrueCombat 1.1 Full
( 5.53mb 18-Jan-2004)

TrueCombat 1.2 Patch
( 95.1mb 25-July-2004)

TrueCombat 1.3 Patch
( 55.6mb 18-Jan-2006)

MWTC Alpha 0.221 Patch
(10.5mb 23-Feb-2013)

MWTC Alpha 0.22
(151mb 14-Feb-2013)

MWTC Alpha 0.22 MDK
(1.3mb 14-Feb-2013) Mappers Development Kit

You need CoD4 to play MWTC.

Please refer to the installation guide on the Support page before installation.

TCE Map Depot

TCE Map Depot

TCE Map Depot

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