Derelict buildings of the local small industry provide the setting for this theatre of combat. A reminder of a once active industrial district, old buildings are tagged parking space and are being cleared for demolition. On the borderlands of residential and industrial zone, both teams lock and load their rifles for a head-on collision.

In this nightly conflict police forces make their way through the construction site, charging with brute force through abandoned facilities and industrial machinery layered with dust, clearing the way room by room. The terrorists hold up around one of the residential buildings, finding the weakest link in their opposing force to charge for their set targets.

The objectives in this map are kept well away from the terrorist team, the routes of choice are well defendable and require a good amount of coordination and teamwork, both on assault as well as keeping an eye on what's going on in your tracks.

Northport is a medium sized, indoor/outdoor map with nice details, rich graphics and great background sound effects. Set in Manchester, England, Northport encourages fast gameplay and features several chokepoints that require proper use of smoke, flashbangs and good covering fire for sucessful mission completion.

A well balanced map, it does require good communication for Spec Ops to sucessfully defend both objectives, which are located near the waterfront between a few containers (Objective B) and outside of Spec Ops spawn (Objective A).

Darkness begins to fall on a deserted railyard located on the outskirts of an industrialized North American city. Rows of motionless train cars line the perimeter. Scattered within the yard are a handful of brightly lit, yet vacant, buildings. A few warm overhead lights flicker on in an attempt to combat the impending darkness...

Shadows scurry among the dimly lit yard. Gunfire is heard in the distance. A voice breaks radio silent to warn of an approaching enemy. You hear footsteps behind you. The bomb has been planted...

Railhouse is a well built, moderate sized map taking place in and around a train yard located in Detroit, Michigan USA. The map includes train cars, and everything that supports them; offices, warehouses, loading docks and various maintainance facilties. Many areas here are multi-level, with a rather large brick bridge going over the main track area.

There are two objectives in this map that Terror must destroy/Spec Ops must defend. Objective A is somewhat concealed inside of an open train car in the loading dock area. Objective B sits in a partially fenced area, outdoors near Spec Ops deployment point.

The cold is sharp and fierce in a vacated industrialized area in the far eastern region of Russia. Scattered throughout the compound lay a cluster of barren warehouses surrounded by rust-covered and corroded trailers and crates. A light flurry of snow falls towards the earth, casting a white blanket on everything it comes in contact with. An arctic-like whirlwind howls and shrieks throughout the yard, piling large drifts of snow alongside walls and fences. Any recent indication of footprints and other man-made activity are quickly erased and made forgotten by the piercing wind...

Something moving in the distance catches your eye. Alarmed, you recognize the object to be that of the enemy. Armed and signaling to your team mate a few meters away, you quietly move out to prepare an ambush...

While Snow may seem like a small map, it actually is grander in scale due to a back route. Situated in Kamchatka, Russia, it is filled with snowdrifts, icicles, falling snow and many internally accessible buildings. Many Q3 TrueCombat players might recognize this map as Deadly Xmas. Modified and improved, several routes from the original map have been changed.

The objective in this map is as follows: Spec Ops need to be fast to defend Objective A without neglecting Objective B (as it's accessible to the terrorists from both the front and right through the rear of Spec Ops deployment area). Terror must, of course, destroy the objective points.

'Stadtrand' is set in suburban Hamburg, Germany.

A gull's shriek echoes through the barren industrial complex. The late morning sun pierces into the darkest of corners, distant chimneys arise from their girth of exhaust.

The initial arrest team was overpowered by a heavily armed terrorist cell in an earlier shoot-out and forced to withdraw. The special operations team move into this logistical center with determination to bring an end to the violence.

The Terrorist targets are conceiled in the 'Leyd Logistik' warehouse and in the neighbouring factory building. There are a variety of routes to choose from to reach these goals, thus a flexible defense of the Special Ops is the required.

Village is a decent sized map featuring the possibilities of both indoor and outdoor combat. The backdrop is set in the town of Nikustak, Macedonia. The map contains a rats nest of interconnected wooden buildings, several underground passages, and a ruined bombed-out warehouse. Several nice details have been added to benefit gameplay, such as a concrete drainage culvert, plants and some grass for concealment.

Although this is a nicely balanced map, Spec Ops cannot forget about either objective, both are rather accessible to the terrorists. It is quite easy for the terrorists to defend the bomb planted at Objective A once they occupy the second floor of the warehouse. The other bombspot is placed nearby within an industrial backyard.

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